Home is where the heart is

When COVID-19 came knocking on the door of Polaris Accommodation Group home, it upheaved the clients living there, as they all had to leave their home and go into quarantine.

Graham Stirling

It was evident from the outset that they were not just leaving an accommodation environment, but in actual fact leaving their home. For several years now friendships have formed, milestones have been achieved and an all-encompassing warmth greets you at their front door.

Leaving with just a suitcase and having to leave their belongings behind was difficult. “Despite having known caregivers supporting them in quarantine it was the familiarity of their home they deeply missed,” said Andrew Drysdale, Accommodation Manager.

Last year Graham Stirling informed us all how he reached his goal in buying a new bike to go out riding. He said “his next goal was to get chickens and have a chicken pen.”

Well Graham did realise that goal and his chickens and chicken pen are his pride and joy.

He cares for his beloved chooks with tender care. Collecting eggs and having scrambled eggs for breakfast is a big part of his routine.

During his time away from them, he talked of nothing else. Once quarantine was over, and upon returning home, his first stop was of course the chook pen. 

The excitement was palpable on the day they all returned home. The sound of whisking scrambled eggs was heard from the kitchen, the karaoke machine came out, and suitcases were pushed back deep in to the wardrobes.

Familiarity was home.