Client stories

Meet Cooper

This is Cooper, he has been working at Edendale farm. 


Home is where the heart is

When COVID-19 came knocking on the door of Polaris Accommodation Group home, it upheaved the clients living there, as they all had to leave their home and go into quarantine.


Bringing art to life at Sydenham Community Campus

Matt loves being out in nature and we spend a lot time in parks. More than anything he loves experiencing nature evolve through the seasons.


A place to call home

Last year, Matthew moved into a St John of God Accord supported independent living home.


Art it is

The art and ceramics programs at St John of God Accord have generated a few superstars!


My brother Gerard doing things we thought he'd never do

Gerard is now doing things we never thought he would ever do. He takes control of his life and embraces it.


Hard work pays off
Matt creating an echidnut
Graham Stirling