My brother Gerard doing things we thought he'd never do

Gerard is now doing things we never thought he would ever do. He takes control of his life and embraces it.


Last month he went to a lawyer by himself and had his Will made out. Two weeks before that he took himself off to a podiatrist because his foot was hurting - I didn’t even know he knew what a podiatrist was!

Julie Reynolds embraces my brother as a man with untapped potential, focusing on his strengths and with a belief that Gerard is amazing. This helps my brother to fly and reach his full potential. Julie’s support is also amazing.

I work in education as a principal of a school, and I talk to lots of families about the struggles of having an autistic child. I then share my brother’s journey and talk about a future full of possibilities. Have we worried about his ability to do these things by himself? Absolutely! Will he come back safely from his travels? If we don’t let go and let him try, we will never ever know what his full potential is. Gerard is definitely living life to its fullest.