Art it is

The art and ceramics programs at St John of God Accord have generated a few superstars!

Art it is

There is a new and positive energy as clients go about their daily programs whether in our on-site studios or as they commence their days in the broader community. The openness and the garden space promotes inclusion, a relaxed feeling and overall wellbeing on a daily basis.

The art, music, living skills and ceramic programs are fully utilised. The sensory and multi-media room also sought after. Some clients who had previously experienced limitations due to their mobility or social engagement concerns can now access a number of activities and programs on-site in our easily accessible studios.

Pat Brook is one client in particular who is now able to easily access and participate in art programs with a new sense of confidence. Previously Pat experienced limited access to programs due to her mobility. Now Pat and her art have taken on a new dimension with Pat producing artwork that is worthy of exhibiting. “Pat has flourished in her new environment as she chosen programs she enjoys, she can access the on-site studios and the Welcome Lounge with comfort, but more importantly she has the social interaction with other clients”, said Doris Morfea, Team Leader.

Mary Hemingway"s work is known and admired throughout the community. Her work is sought after and often commissioned by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and St John of God Health Care.

Sam Beke, a lover of all things rock and roll, pictured with his favourite band, Kiss, shows off his artistic talents. Sam regularly participates in art, music and drama in Accord's new studios, allowing him greater opportunity to excel at what he is truly passionate about. “I"m very happy here," says Sam “and I love art”.  Sam's musical talents extends to his participating in the band 'Rudely Interrupted' which had travelled worldwide.

Accord is proud to say that our creative and performing art studios are home to the recognised talents of Mary, Sam and Pat, along with many other budding superstars!