Support coordination

The NDIS recognises that implementing plans and accessing services is a complex exercise and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and even confused. Our Support Coordinators work closely with you, your families and carers to understand goals, navigate services, and make the best use of NDIS funding.

We provide impartial advice on the best way to implement each plan and how to choose and connect with the services and providers that will best suit an individual’s needs. Support Coordinators work closely with you over the length of each plan and, through regular contact and reviews, provide a tailored service ensuring each person fulfils their potential and achieves their goals.

Support Coordination comes in four tiers as follows:

1. Support Connection

Providing short-term assistance to implement your plan by identifying service providers and assisting to negotiate Service Agreements.

2. Support Coordination

Providing support to navigate the NDIS in all its complexity. In doing so, we will work in-depth with you to understand, prioritise and assist you to implement your NDIS plan. The ultimate goal of our support coordination is to assist people to build the capacity required to manage their own plans moving forward.

3. Specialist Support Coordination

Providing specialist assistance when your needs and NDIS plan are more complex. Our specialist Support Coordinators recognise the importance of the right relationship with you and therefore our team of Allied Health Professionals and Social Workers will work with you to resolve crises and complex situations and implement any necessary changes to your plan.

4. Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our recovery Coaching Service recognises the unique support needs that people living with a psychosocial disability have. Recovery coaches differ from typical support coordinators in that they have a specific skill set that relates to psychosocial recovery the mental health system and are able to assist you in navigating these often complex systems.

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