On her way to learning to read and write

Rachel is a client of St John of God Accord who enjoys a range of services such as programs of support, supported independent living and therapy services. 
Two women reading and learning together 
Rachel always wanted to read and write. A goal that she had in her sights for some time. 

Upon her initial assessment, Rachel was only able to label a letter and produce the sound it makes 13 per cent of the time.

With support in reshaping her NDIS plan, a defined goal was established for Rachel to learn to read and write.  

Rachel started weekly speech pathology with St John of God Accord at the beginning of 2021. 

It wasn’t long until everyone could see Rachel’s tenacity shining through, her enthusiasm was evident every time. Rachel really want this.

Every week Rachel turned up. No session was too hard. Each time we used the evidence based ‘Sounds-Write’ program to target specific literacy skills. 

Sounds-Write is a linguistic phonics program that uses an evidence-based and highly effective and structured approach to teach reading, spelling and writing in a combined approach. 

Each session has a specific structure and sequence for Rachel to follow. T
his order and structure allows Rachel once she was taught the first six letters (S,A,T,P,I,N), to be able to read some few words with high accuracy, creating immediate success and accomplishment for Rachel. 

Rachel completing an activity of sorting picturesAfter a year of weekly sessions we reassessed Rachel. Rachel had made significant improvements with her letter sound knowledge and she is now at 97 per cent. 

She is able to spell, read and write basic consonant-vowel-constant word combinations and has begun blending sounds together. 

With constant work and dedication Rachel is reaching closer to achieving her goal and everyone is incredibly proud of her hard work and dedication.

Rachel completing an activity sorting pictures into initial sound categories during one of her weekly speech sessions.