Matthew lands his dream job

When St John of God Accord client Matthew received the news earlier this year that he would be starting work experience in his dream job at Rebel Sport, he replied, “This is the best day of my life, dreams really do come true!”

Matthew at Rebel Sport sorting hanger tags

Over his 12-week placement, Matthew displayed sheer dedication, drive and enthusiasm to every aspect of the role, often stating that this was “12 weeks of pure excitement.”  

Matthew received amazing feedback from the managers and staff at Rebel Sport, who titled him ‘The Record Breaker’ for his fast-paced energy when completing any task, in particular, his favourite job of placing the price tags on shoe boxes.

The Individualised Employment Services provided by St John of God Accord over the last three years enabled Matthew to recently secure a permanent paid position at Rebel Sport Frankston. This was the news Matthew had been waiting to hear. 

He completed his first shift on 22 November and is currently working two, four-hour shifts per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.  

The Employment Support Workers are continuing to support Matthew in paid work initially, but he will be working independently in “open employment” at Rebel Sport in the very near future.

On his first day as a paid employee, the smile could not be wiped off Matthew’s face as he greeted every single staff member individually, something Matthew did each and every shift. He announced, “The king has returned,” and expressed how “excited” he was to officially be part of the team. 

When asked, “Why Rebel Sport?” Mathew replied, “Because Rebel is my favourite shop of all time, it’s my dream job.” Matthew conveyed his love for cricket and football merchandise, in particular his devotion to ‘The Mighty Hawks’. 

When asked, “What have you learnt since starting at Rebel?”, Matthew replied, “I’ve learnt so many new skills but most importantly, that it is possible to still have fun while working.” Matthew told us that he would be “saving his first pay cheque” but was excited about the staff discount, and that he had already been thinking about the Hawthorn merchandise he would like to purchase. 

Matthew’s employment journey has been a long but exciting one. With the help of the team of Employment Support Workers, Matthew’s success story shows us that anything can be achieved with the right support, patience and commitment. 

Congratulations Matthew!

Matthew in the Rebel Sport kitchen