Footy fever has well and truly hit St John of God Accord

Every year St John of God Accord holds its annual footy day, with banners, a barbeque, and a lot of running around.

The Bombers footy team, from Greensborough Community Campus (GCC), and the Bulldogs footy team, from Sydenham and Glenroy Community Campuses (SCC and GlCC), came face to face for a much anticipated match at Diamond Creek Oval, located north-east of Melbourne.

Accord Footy Fever People holding up a GCC Bombers banner

The air was full of tension, the adrenaline was pumping, the clients ready, the whistle blew and the ball was thrown in.

Bombers team members Andrew, Effie and Ritchie took the lead but it was Bulldogs players Mustifa, Dragan, and Ergun who eventually propelled their team to win the game.

The cheers from the clients, their families and caregivers went up when the final whistle was blown. Steven Williams, Manager Community Campuses, gave Best on Ground to Effie from the Bombers. 

With lots of footy colours, laughs and sunshine, it was the perfect end to this year’s football season.

Accord Footy Fever Man and woman pose together smiling at camera

Accord Footy Fever Three crowd members pose in front of oval

Accord Footy Fever Two men wearing football guernseys in front of oval

Accord Footy Fever Crowd members standing together laughing

Accord Footy Fever Two men standing at barbeque

Pictured: Photos from the St John of God Accord annual footy day at Diamond Creek Oval.