Community partnerships at the heart of Glenroy

St John of God Accord clients from the Glenroy Community Campus have formed a community connection with the great Aussie weekend staple – Bunnings Warehouse in Coburg.
Planting with clients from St John of God Accord

Accord Team Leader Georgia Vicendese said that is was the clients regular visits to their local hardware supplier that started the partnership.

‘It was weekly trips to Bunnings to source art supplies by our clients who participate in the art and ceramic Programs of Support that raised awareness with Stephanie Hobson, the Activities Organiser at Bunnings’

‘She was always available and offered support to the group when they came in each week’ 

As Stephanie got to know the clients by offering workshops tailored to the client programs, from gardening to ceramics and home maintenance. 

On request from the clients Stephanie was invited to visit the Glenroy Community Campus. After many discussions with Accord team and clients, a project to revamp the garden area was born, with Stephanie’s guidance.
Clients fill the raised beds at St John of God Accord Glenroy Community Campus
‘Stephanie helped throughout, including booking a full day to provide a workshop for the clients and caregivers. Everyone was equipped with their gardening tools, and all chipped in to plant trees and a garden bed with tomatoes and herbs.’  Said Georgia.

Stephanie also provided educational input around garden management to ensure a sustainable garden with flourish in the future.

‘We are excited to see the trees grow over the years.’

‘We intend to use the vegetables in our cooking programs.’

Glenroy Community Campus provides several Programs of Support both on site and out in the community.

In appreciation, the clients signed a thank you card that was designed the card making group. 

Many thanks to Stephanie and Bunnings Warehouse in Coburg.

\Client group in the garden at St John of God Accord's Glenroy Community Campus