Celebrating International Day of People with Disability 2022

Each year, International Day of People with Disability is held on 3 December, creating awareness about the way we think about disability and helping to grow a more inclusive Australia. In 2022 the theme focuses on the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world.

Steve and Codie at St John of God Accord

In Australia, it is estimated that more than 4 million people live with a disability. At St John of God Accord, we support more than 1,300 individuals with a disability across Melbourne, and we are always finding ways to change and innovate how we deliver service so that the experience within our service, for the person with a disability is more meaningful.
Technology within our houses is dramatically improving the quality of life and independence of those who live there. All our homes have smart TVs, Alexa, and iPads. Our new homes have additional smart technology that can be voice-activated by the clients who live there. The technology tells our overnight caregivers when a client is up and needs assistance and works with us to ensure clients know what is happening for them on the day. Please view this short video demonstrating assistive technology at our home in Brighton.

We are forever seeking better and more innovative ways to deliver our services. Over the past three years, we have turned on a secure mobile platform Carelink+ GO and AIR. This technology enables caregivers to access important information about our clients as they require it from their smart devices. Caregivers are also able to document a service delivery episode in real-time ensuring that everyone is kept up to date about what has been occurring for a client. Our Carelink+ team has written risk assessments into Carelink+ and this helps us understand where there is risk in our organisation and in turn helps us to improve the safety of clients and caregivers.
The changes to group programs and the introduction of Programs of Support have completely innovated this service offering. Clients now can choose from more than 50 different programs. Every program is 12 weeks long and has measurable outcomes assigned for each client.
A culture that is open to innovation and change will yield the best outcomes and opportunities for people with disability. It’s wonderful that this year the platform of International Day of Person with Disability gives rise to this and a voice for all the possibilities we can create by looking through a lens of innovation.
Personally, I believe there is no greater cause than celebrating the lives of people with disability for what they contribute and bring to our world. I strongly encourage each of you to take some time tomorrow, Saturday, December 3, to reflect on this, and the important role you all play in this.
Happy International Day of People with a Disability, to all of you.


Lisa Evans
CEO, St John of God Accord