Meet Matthew

St John of God Accord Support Coordinator


When did your first start working at St John of God Accord?Matthew from Accord

I first started working for St John of God Accord in October/November of 2019 at the Sydenham Community Campus.

In early 2020 when COVID first was declared, I was redeployed to our accommodation services from day services. COVID really had an unprecedented impact not only on the service providers but the participants and their families.


What roles have you undertaken at St John of God Accord?

From October/November 2019 to January 2021 I was a disability support worker across day services as well as accommodationFrom January 2021 to now I am a specialist support coordinator.


How did you hear about Support Coordination?

In 2020 I was in my final year of my Bachelor of Social Work and during this time I was always looking for new opportunities with St John of God Accord and coincidentally a position within support coordination came up! I thought to give it a try as it was on my bucket list. I was saying to my wife the interview for the role was one of the friendliest job interviews I’ve ever had.


Why did you want to become a Support Coordinator?

I always wanted to be a support coordinator and challenge myself. I wanted to learn more about the NDIS system and develop my capacity and knowledge as this can be pretty overwhelming and complex for participants and their families. I thought to further develop my capacity to support others by joining the specialist support coordination team. This involves more complex scenarios with intersecting fields such as justice, mental health, coordinating complex hospital discharge, youth and justice, mental health, ABI, early childhood, aged care housing, ILO and SIL, employment, intellectual disability and physical disability.

I feel so supported by my Team Leader who is very understanding and great with supporting me since returning from paternity leave. I feel I’m a valued member of our team.


What is your biggest challenge as a Support Coordinator?

There are a few!

Everyday has a different challenge but overall the system is very complex for people who need and depend on it the most. With certain cases there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of and organise.

There are times when there is a new part of the NDIS I am just coming across and learning about and this can be at first a bit intimidating and overwhelming however I always try and remember whenever I feel overwhelmed this is where the learning happens.


What has been the highlight of being a Support Coordinator?

I really enjoy explaining Plans and providing clarity to participants and their families with regards to NDIS plans/supports.  Going into the office has often been a warm and welcoming experience with my managers often encouraging me to fulfil my potential.

A highlight of this has been I am currently completing an advanced Diploma of Community Services Management.

Since I started I have learnt so much and I am proud to say that I have surprised myself a few times with the role.