Meet Jodie

St John of God Accord Support Coordinator

What roles have you undertaken and when did you start working at St John of God Accord? Head shot of Jodie, St John of God Accord Support Coordinator, smiling at camera.

I started working in supported independent living as a disability support worker in 2008, where I worked for three years before moving to different accommodation homes. In that time I was promoted to a team leader. I then started my education journey, and completed my Certificate 4 in disability, Diploma of Case Management, Advanced Diploma in Disability, and Diploma of Management. I also undertook Mission Mentoring.

I acted as PBS and Accommodation Manager, providing me with a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the sector. I was part of the initial roll out of NDIS, ensuring all our accommodation homes were NDIS compliant.

When I first got married and had children I moved into individualised services to have the flexibility to work around being home with my children coupled with working alongside clients at Greensborough Community Campus.


How did you hear about Support Coordination?

Being part of the rollout of NDIS, I began working closely with support coordinators to assist clients with their plan rollouts and services. I loved advocating for the clients, and I dreamed of being in this role on day. So I started to educate myself and learn as much about the NDIS to ensure I was equipped with the knowledge to work as a support coordinator. Once my kids were old enough, I applied for a role and successfully achieved it.


Why did you want to become a Support Coordinator?

I wanted to assist participants to achieve their goals and get the support they and their family needed. I strive to ensure the participants are getting what they need from the NDIS to assist them to live their life to their best ability.

Support coordination offers me also a flexible work arrangement where we can work remotely, together, and visit our participants to build relationships, respect, goals and support. We ensure that the needs are met of the clients and families whilst maintaining our flexible work options, study ability and our family values within St John of God Accord.


What is your biggest challenge as a Support Coordinator?

My biggest challenge as a support coordinator is navigating the NDIS to ensure that the participant gets what they need.  I also need to ensure that the goals of the participant are achievable and the NDIS can assist to make it happen.


What are the highlights of being a Support Coordinator?

Highlights for me will always be when participants achieve their intended goals once their plans are in place. 

It’s such a relief for their families when their plans are approved. Their gratitude is often overwhelming. However, for our participants, having the correct NDIS plan in place change lives forever.