Update 14 January 2022

Further to my update earlier this week, we are implementing the additional changes to our services in response to the further challenges COVID-19 is placing on our service. We do this so that we can further protect the safety of our clients and caregivers.

Programs of Support (Group Programs) held at our Community Campuses and our School Leavers Employment Program

As from today we will be implementing daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) of all caregivers and clients who attend our Programs of Support at each of our Community campuses (Greensborough, Glenroy and Sydenham) and those are attending our School Leavers Employment Program in Frankston (SLES) who return on Monday next week. 

If you have not yet provided consent for RAT testing a member of the leadership team will be in contact with you to discuss. Unfortunately if we are not able to gain consent to test daily this may impact the ability of your loved one to attend our programs at this time. 

This measure is in place to further protect and minimise the spread of COVID-19 in our service. All of our caregivers will be wearing N95 masks and eye protection. Clients are also very welcome to wear a face mask if they wish and can tolerate.

Visitors to our accommodation setting

If you are visiting a loved one in one of our Accommodation settings you are now required to do the following things that are government directions on arrival.

  • Complete the St John of God Accord Attestation via the QR code link 
  • Check in with the Services Victoria Application/QR code
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Wear an N95 mask while visiting (we will provide this)
  • Show evidence of being double vaccinated.
  • In the event you are not double vaccinated or have evidence of this you will be asked to complete a RAT test and wear an N95 mask. 

We will provide the RAT test for you with instructions and you will be asked to complete it on arrival in the caregiver office space.

If a house is experiencing an outbreak and working in full PPE then visitors will not be permitted. If this is the situation our caregivers will naturally call you and let you know. We have face time communication available in all our sites to assist you with communicating with your loved one. 

Temporary Changes to Management Structure

In order to resource the management of COVID – 19 during this time, I have made the following changes that will take effect from Monday 17th January until March 3rd 2022 at this point.

Margaret Gibson will take on a Director of COVID-19 position from 17/1-22 until 16th February. From 16/2/22 until 3/3/22 Silvana Gugliandolo on return from her Annual Leave, will then assume this role while Margaret Gibson takes Annual Leave. 

The role of Director of Accommodation and Respite Services will be filled by Margaret Bishop for the entire time.

Shinoj Thomas will fill the position of Accommodation Manager vacated by Margaret Bishop.

Daniel Maloney will assume the role of Director of Community Campuses, and Individualised Services from 24th January until 3rd March 2022.

Di Butcher will assume the role of Specialist Services Manager 2 days per will from 24th January until 3rd March 2022.

Further resourcing has been applied to our afterhours model on weekends and will be utilising the accommodation team leaders (on a rotational basis) to support this role.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email [email protected] or by mobile on 048 239 883 at any time if you have further questions.

Please stay safe,

Kind Regards,

Lisa Evans

Group Director Community Services & CEO SJG Accord