Strategic Direction 2024-2025

Our new and refreshed strategic plan, with five key areas of focus.

Maximising Client Inclusion

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  • Client involvement in Consumer Participation Committees is embedded across all services
  • Supported Decision Making is embedded
  • Clients are supported without the use of Restrictive Practices
  • Clients are active members of their communities

Growth and Innovation of Accommodation Services

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  • Engage new SDA partnerships with clear expectations
  • Grow SIL services by 20%
  • Manage SDA partnerships according to client need and expectations

Service Growth (non-SIL)

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  • Identify target services and target regions for growth
  • Explore and expand into new service avenues
  • Achieve 10% non-SIL service growth

Our Workforce

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  • Our workforce matches the requirements of our clients and organisation
  • Our workforce is resourced to deliver the expected outcomes
  • Explore innovative recruitment practices to attract and maintain the best future caregivers

Brand and Voice Representation

The St John of God Health Care logo with the Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram logos underneath.

  • Brand enhancement through market research
  • Social media presence and SEO investment
  • Develop new and accessible organisational website
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

Download the St John of God Accord Strategic Direction 2024-2025