Executive team


Lisa Evans


Lisa became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of St John of God Accord in June 2019. She has over 25 years of extensive experience in the Public, Private and Corporate Sectors. Lisa has proven alignment to St John of God Health Care’s Mission and Values, administering Excellence, Compassion, Justice, Respect and Hospitality throughout her career.

Lisa is confidently leading SJG Accord through the next phase by delivering Accord as the ‘Best Performing Disability Organisation in Australia by 2025’ surrounded by her experienced Accord Executive Team.


Silvana Gugliandolo

Director of Group, Individual and Specialist Services

Silvana is Director of Individual and Specialist Services since March 2012 and has more than 25 years’ experience in the disability sector. Silvana has held many director roles including acting Chief Executive Officer, where she successfully transitioned Marillac Ltd Services to St John of God Accord in 2017 - a major achievement, implementing cultural alignment and increasing services.

Silvana significantly contributed to the rollout of the National Disability Insurance. Previously worked for DHHS and oversaw the transitioning of many people into group homes out in the community.


Margaret Gibson

Director of Accommodation, Respite, and Infrastructure

Margaret became Director of Accommodation, Respite, and Infrastructure in July 2018. Margaret brings significant leadership to her role. With over 35 years in the disability sector her interpersonal skills, specialist knowledge and decision making guided SJG Accord through the implementation of the National Disability Scheme.

Margaret was involved in the de-institutionalisation at DHHS and oversaw the transitioning of many people into group homes in the community


Neal Murphy

Director of Mission Integration

Neal's role as Director of Mission Integration Community Services commenced July 1, 2019. Prior Neal was working in this role as Group Manager Social Justice Advocacy since November 2013.

Given his passion for advocacy and the vulnerable, Neal is ideally suited to Disability and Social Outreach Services provided by Community Services.


Scott Wilkinson

Director of Finance

Scott became Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of SJG Accord in May 2019. Scott has over 23 years of extensive experience in public accounting practice (Australia and UK) and the private health care sector.

Scott has worked in various roles with St John of God Health Care since 2004, consistently demonstrating the organisation’s Mission and Values.


Leslie Quill

Executive Assistant

Leslie is a highly competent Executive Assistant supporting the Accord Executive Committee (AEC) at SJG Accord. Joining SJG Accord in May 2007, after working in the public and private sectors for 35 years, she has supported a diverse group of executive and management teams.